Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Been a While

A lot has happened over the past 2 months. Time to get caught up.

June saw me taking a stress test. It discovered 2 things. I have a heart (for all those who think I'm heartless) and I have stress (who da thunk it). There were some things else but the long and short of it was the doc figured my blood pressure with is a bit high but not critical was just high enough to confuse the heart. He put me on a very mild blood pressure medicine to see if the slight drop it would cause would settle things out. In September we see if he was right. Everything else is on a wait and see basis.

End of May I got offered a job as the lease professional (agent) for TransGlobe Property Management Services in Lethbridge. TransGlobe is a large nation wide company that owns and operates appartments across the country. My job is to keep the ones they own in Lethbridge rented. And to top it off I get to do what I do best - talk to people. Most times I get the warm fuzzies because I am helping someone. Over all the people I work with are great and the company seems to be really supportive.

2 weeks ago I went into the office on Monday to hand in some paper work and check on a few things. I went into the office I was using and didn't see my laptop. I had worked late on Saturday and had used the main office for the internet access as I didn't have any yet in mine. I thought I may have left it there. When I asked Vicki who is the office assistant (in reality she runs the place) if she had seen it she said no. We went back into the back office and looked. There was bits of ceiling tile all over the desk and floor. We could not find my laptop, another that had been left there, a digital camera and the cordless phone. Some one had gone into the washroom on the other side of the office wall, climbed up on the toilet, accessed the ceiling, gone through the wall and through the ceiling tile in the office and helped themselves. The police arrived and investigated. No news yet. What should have been a quick hour or so turned into an all day stint.

Last week I got a call from the young man Dian has been dating while she is in Arizona. He asked me for her hand in marriage. I asked if him would take the rest too and he agree. He hadn't asked her yet. She knew something was up and tried to weasel it out of everyone in the family but we managed to keep it a secret. Last night at supper he asked her. She said yes. They are planning a December wedding.

Well lets hope the next posting comes a little quicker. I was rather busy working 2 full time jobs until they could replace me at the Corps. I finally had to write myself out of the schedule.

Until next time.