Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Wolves Have Feasted

Last night we went to pick David up. It was interesting waiting at the airport. Sharon and I discussed how we were going to pick the young man out. We had never met him nor him us. It was just by picture. We decided I should have gotten dressed up like a limo driver with a sign with his name on it and stood at the entrance. As I said we hadn't met and the only description that Di gave us was "a tall, skinny, goofy looking guy with big ears." We decided to add to that "who was looking lost and confused." When he came through the door of the customs area we knew exactly who he was and it seemed he recognized us too. I'm not to sure how he took the welcome. As I walked up to him I said "David" and he held out his hand to shake. I took it and immediately pull him into a hug and said "I'm Dad and this is Sharon. You can call her Mom." I don't think that was what he was expecting.

On the ride down we had 2 hours to talk and I think we got to know him. And I don't think we chewed on him too hard. He seemed to arrive in Lethbridge in one piece. I'll have to ask Di later. He was as Di had described him over the past few weeks and I think he will survive well in the Hovan family. He may have to get a few final pointers from Jacob and Scott so he is not coming in total unprepared. I took the weekend off so I could spend some time with him and Di and get to know him better and see how they work together.

This morning at 6:30 Di woke me up to help cook breakfast. This after getting home at 2:30 and to bed just after 3. She had cooked some hash browns and was making scrabbled eggs. I was to cook the steaks and would have gladly if we had steaks. My dear little vegetarian had taked out pork chops. So we had bbq'ed pork chops, eggs and hash brown before Sharon went to work. I understand we are dinning at O Sho's tonight and tomorrow we are having a family birthday(Kimmie)/engagement party.

This wolf will say more as the weekend progresses. I now have a date with the weeds in the yard and a sprayer of round-up.

Till later.....

Monday, August 25, 2008

..... when you're having fun

Been 2 months now and a lot has happened. Things are going well here work wise. In June I was top lease professional company wide. Had a great month in July as well. Did so well that I basically had nothing to do here. Rented them all. The Calgary office was down a couple of people due to illness at the end of the month so they sent me to Calgary to help with the back log there.

August was just as good to me. On Friday the 15th they flew me to Vancouver to help them through a back log as well. Spent the week showing apartments in New Westminster. Had a good time but it was sure a lonely week. Got to meet some of the names that I see in my emails and put faces to them. Arrived home on Friday the 22nd. Spend Saturday getting reacquainted with my lawn mower. Sharon had some tickets to the Lethbridge Exhibition rodeo for Saturday. We went and had a good time. The livestock seemed to win most of the battles as there was a lot of "no times" and "no rides" posted. Afterwards we walked through the grounds and pavilion just to say we had been. Today was the annual Calgary region BBQ. Scott, Kimmie, the kids, Dian, Sharon and I went and had a good time. Makynna found a new friend from Calgary and suprised us all by getting on one of the horses. She rode Peggy and then Sage for over an hour. it wasn't until Kimmie told her that the horse was getting tired (actually it was her and Papa as we led the horses) that she reluctantly got off. We all had a good time.

Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off but I have a few things to get done so I can take Saturday off. Sharon and I are going to go to Calgary on Friday to pick up David while Dian is working. I am taking Saturday off to get to know him a bit if I can pry him away from Di for a few minutes.

Well it is late and bed is calling.

Till next time.