Sunday, March 30, 2008

Time Flies...

Its been a while and the month is almost gone. Last weekend was hectic and busy and the week that followed was just as busy. I worked every day except Thursday and was asked if I wanted to work it as well. Yesterday I was retraining at the landfill site. It seems that I am going to be working one or two of my days off there for the next little while. I never said life was boring.

The past couple of weeks were good ones. I got to spend some time with the family and friends as well. Sharon and I sat Kynna and Oryn last week and Sharon had the opportunity to do it again this week while Kimmie and I took some junk to the dump. Friday Dave and Wanda Cookson and their two boys, Zack and Josh, came into town for a visit and we all met at Kimmie's for supper. It was good to see them again. The boys are no long kids but young men. After supper we were talking and getting caught up on life. Dave would bark and Kynna would run to the window to see the dog. After about an hour she finally caught on and walked over to Dave and said "Uncle David you drive me bonkers!!" That broke him up. Wanda snagged on to Oryn and wouldn't let her go.

I love my girls and their families. I enjoy and cherish every minute that I can spend with them. If it wasn't for them life would be rather dull and lifeless. As I watch them grow and move on with life I am just amazed at the blessings that the Lord has given me. I have a wife that stands by me and supports me. I don't think she realizes how important to me she really is. My girls have given my some of the best memories I have and are the bright points in my life. And as they continue to add to the clan through friends and families of their own I feel even more blessed. Chrissy, Jacob, and their kids, Eliza, Daniel, and Rainey, are a never ending flow of example and wonder. Eliza with her elan, Daniel with his inquisitiveness, and Rainey with his bubbly personality and read smile. Kimmie and Scott and their two, Makynna and Oryn, are close by and available whenever PaPa needs a hug or someone to love and are ever ready to give. Kynna with her unbounded energy and a mind that is a sponge that soaks up everythink, Oryn who is still new and reminds me that all children are miracles. I get to watch her grow and develop her own personality and am excited all over again ( as I was with the others) to see who she will be come. Dian is just Dian. She is our own little miracle. I still want her to be my baby but she is her own young lady and has come into her own these last couple of years. When she goes to the States this summer to work, I will miss her very much. I cannot wait to meet the young man that will eventually sweep her off her feet. I know he will be a very special person. (Not that my other two sons-in-law aren't, but Chrissy and Kimmie know what I mean.)

The month of April I start the next rounds of tests to try and figure what is happening to this old body of mine. Wednesday I go for a chest x-ray and full torso ultrasound. The middle of the month I get a heart monitor for a day. Hopefully when I see the doc near the end of the month we can eliminate some other things and narrow it down further.

I must close now as work is calling. Till next time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

All Too Soon Quiet

Well the time has come and gone. Jake and Chrissy are home and have taken the kids back. After a week of pandemonium there is silence in the house (except for Di of course). If was fun and I have some good memories of the time. I would do it again in a heart beat.

I am told that Rainey was placed in his car chair as they left and pointed at the house and said "PaPa house. Go. PaPa come. PaPa go." over and over. He also said it every now and then as they drove out of town. The little monkey dissed me all week and now he doesn't want to leave PaPa behind.

Kimmie and I took the 5 grand kids out for a walk at Henderson Lake. Makynna and Daniel walked hand in hand most of the way. It was cute. All I can say is as they grow older the world had better watch out. Once they reach their late teens and older and they get together the world will not be safe. Eliza bounded around and played little mother as only Eliza can. Rainey kept point at the geese on the lake and saying "Birds. Go." and then tried to climb off my shoulder. I think he wanted to go see the geese up close and personal. Oryn sat in the stroller and watched.

On Sunday we blessed Oryn. About half way through Sacrament she looked up at Kimmie and then me and down the bench at Auntie Di and could see Oryn. Auntie Chrissy had her and she and Jake and her kids and Gama were sitting across the aisle from us. Kimmie said that Auntie Chrissy had her. She stood up on the bench and said in a clear, loud voice "Auntie Chrissy I want my baby sister back. NOW!" Only my garndkids.

Yesterday I went back out to the airport to talk with the head electrician to see what further retraining he needed me to do. I had been out there Thursday and Friday for some refresher. He said that from the reports he had back any time I wanted to reinsert myself into the schedule was fine by him. I was satisfied with what he had heard and that I didn't need to retest.

After this weekend I sit down with Bob and go through the schedule and get it set. This weekend I am in Vulcan Thursday night until midnight, all day Friday (14 hours) and possibly the same Saturday as well. They are installing new carpet at the ATB and they want security while the contractors are in there. If they get finished Friday or early Saturday, I will be supervising a group of Commissionaires in Milk River doing security for the annual Corvette Draw and Dance. One way or the other it works out to the equivalent of over 80 hours this week. Sunday at Green Prairie (10), Monday parking (8), Thursday Vulcan (8) plus mileage, Friday Vulcan (14 at double time and a half - Stat holiday) plus maleage, and Saturday (8 to 14)at Vulcan and/or Mild River plus mileage. Who said that life was boring.

Well got to go and get things done today.

Till next time.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Survived

We did it. We made it through the day and no one was seriously injured or killed even. And we still have our sanity. I even got 5 hours work in. How do you like that.

Today the 3 are mine from 11:30 until 8:00pm. So far we took Gama to work, went for a walk around Henderson Lake and to lunch with Moby Dog, Auntie Kimmie, Makynna, and Oryn, and even made it home in time for Rainey to have an nap and the rest of us to watch a movie. Rainey is waking up now and I should go. Gama gets off at 8:00 and I should get them fed and ready for bed before then.

I am going to miss them when they are gone. The house will be too quiet. Only another 3 days left.

Till next post.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some of Best My Blessing Call Me PaPa

It's been 5 days since we picked up the grandkids. Rainey at first didn't take to PaPa at all. Every time I picked him up or on occasion even looked at him, he ran to AnDi and wanted up. He now thinks I am OK and will even sit on my lap. AnDi (or MaMa as he often calls her) is still his favorite.

Eliza and Daniel were excited about the trip to Gama's House. All the way back one of them or the other asked if we were at Gama's yet.

Sunday Rainey still wasn't too sure about Gama and PaPa so AnDi took him to the Singles Ward. He was a hit and charmed all the girls. After she took him to a friends house and he worked his magic on Di's friend's Mom. He even had her giving him rice crispy squares. Sharon and I took the older 2 with us. When it came time to head to Primary, Daniel went into the nursery class like he had been attending there all along. Eliza when into the Primary Room and found her class and was settled in by the time I got through with Daniel. Who needs PaPa when you are as self assured as those 2. After church Auntie Kimmie and Makynna and Oryn came over for supper. We were out numbered 5 kids to 4 adults. You would have thought a tornado had hit the house but I was surprised at how well they cleaned up after themselves. The only mess that they let for PaPa was the new box of laundry soap that Daniel and Makynna dumped all over the laundry room. There was some semblance of order though when everyone was gone or in bed. They passed out about 9:30 and didn't get up until nearly 9:30.

Monday Auntie Di took them swimming. You would have thought she had given them the world. Daniel had to tell us all about it and Eliza would put in her thoughts as he expounded on the joys of the pool. Rainey had a blast too we were told. He just took to the hot tub and relaxed. Unfortunately it didn't tire them out like the visit from their cousins. Rainey was up before 7 and Eliza and Daniel were not far behind. Gama and PaPa had their hands full most of the day. Auntie Di gave us a bit of a break when she took Rainey shopping with her after work.

Tomorrow is going to be an experience I am not too sure how I will handle. Both Sharon and Dian are off to work and school from 8 to after 4 and I have the 3 of them all to myself. If you don't hear from me again please send all correspondence care of the pysch ward at the Lethbridge Regional Hospital.

Hopefully until tomorrow night.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Time Off For Good Behavior?

Just a quick up date. The mall didn't renew the Corps contract for security and I am in the process of being moved to another site. Back to the airport I am told. Just when I don't know. Working all over the place right now.

Last week Gamma and I had the opportunity of baby sitting both Makynna and Oryn for a couple of hours. We had a blast. First I cuddled with Oryn and then Gamma did. Makynna was just herself and kept us entertained with her stories and activities. That kid has one heck of an imagination.

Off to Logan tomorrow to pick up the 3 grandkids. They are coming up for a visit with Gamma, Papa, and Auntie Di for a week while Mom and Dad take a well deserved and much needed holiday. This could be interesting.

Things are plodding along with the medics. The blood pressure lady and my family doc are pleased. The BP is going in the right direction. Tomorrow I start with the other specialist. I see the edocrinologist and depending on what he says and finds I start going else where.

Well that all folks for now any why.