Thursday, April 29, 2010

It has been over a year since the last post. A lot has happened since then. Here is an over view of the events.

In January of 2009, the company I was with started a restructuring plan. They tried a "new" bonus plan that should have made everyone a good amount of coin, IF everyone bought into it. Not many did because it would require them to work for a change. In June the company returned to a bonus plan that was very similar to the old one. To help motivate those that were involved in any way with leasing (the leasing agents and the building managers) they had a contest. The top people in each group in the various districts would have a chance to win a trip to Cancun, all expenses paid. I was amazed at how many didn't buy into the new promo. I still ended up as top leaser in the company, by one contract. I won one of the trips. The last week in October, Sharon and I spent a wonderful and enjoyable time in a 4 Star resort. They took us quadding in the jungle, zip lining in the jungle canopy, and shopping in Playa del Carmen. We were treated to facials and pedicures in the spa and a 3 hour full body exfoliation and couples massage. I could very easily get used to that type of treatment and life style. The weather was fantastic. The temperature was between 24 and 28 Celsius all day long. We had a little rain the last day and a half if you could call 4 inches in 2 hours a little rain. It was like walking in a shower it was so warm. The day after we left hurricane Ida blew in. It was interesting watching the staff prepare for the storm.

3 days after we got back, the fellow that was my boss in Toronto was let go in the first round of staff cuts. Over the next 6 months over half of the people that I worked with in head office were gone. The cutbacks culminated the first of March with a total restructuring of the leasing department. All the leasing people were laid off. They tried to hire they back as contract consultants for less money. I was offered what would have worked out to about an average of $15OO a month and have to supply my own car and cover all expenses. They could hire as many "consultants" in the area as they wanted but I could not consult for any other property management company. I chose not to sign on and went on EI. After a lot of thought and talking with Sharon, I have decided to retire. I will take what EI will give me and start developing my wood working to see if I can't sell some of that. In May of 2011, I can and will take my early retirement and go from there.

In May of 2009 our baby, Dian, married a young fellow from Arizona. She and David were sealed in the Bountiful, Utah temple on 13 May. David Adam Stewart is a good kid. She met him in the summer of 2008 when she was down there selling pest control. They moved to Thacher in the south east corner of Arizona. He works for the Morensey Copper mine a heavy duty mechanic. In August, Sharon and I drove down to Arizona to visit and to start the first of the "take a grandchild on holidays" tradition that was a part of our girls lives when they were growing up. My parents took or tried to take one of the girls for a week in rotation every year. Eliza is old enough to take so we spent a week with her travelling with Auntie Di and Uncle David. We went to the Grand Canyon, Phoenix, and areas around Thacher. Di met Chrissy half way between Oklahoma and Arizona to pick her up and returned her home and spent time with Chrissy, Jacob, And their family.

On September 18, 2009, Chrissy and Jacob had their 4th. A beautiful little girl. They named her Michael Amelia. The last week of November, Sharon and I flew to Oklahoma to partake in 2 weeks of family. It was a busy 2 weeks. Jacob was promoted, Eliza was baptized, and Michael was blessed. Fred and Susan, Jacob's parents were there as well. I got the tour of Fort Sill. We spent a day in Oklahoma City and went to the Federal Building Bombing Memorial. I made Michael a cradle like I made Oryn, Kimmie's little one. To transport it I also made a solid oak carrying case. When our luggage finally arrived in Oklahoma (We were there a day before it arrived and we only had 1 transfer. Our trip home from Cancun we had 2 and an airline change and our luggage arrived when we did. Go figure.) the case was destroyed. I managed to repair it but it is not the best.

In January, Kimmie and Scott announced that they were opening their second store. It is going to be on the south side of town in the College Plaza. They were expecting a late May opening but have been informed by the contractor that he will be done the week of the 3rd and the company has asked if they could open on the 10th. That is just less than 1 year after the opening of their first location.

The first weekend in March Sharon, Kimmie, Makynna, and I drove down to Great Falls, Montana to meet Dian. She flew in from Arizona. Kimmie and Makynna drove down in the morning and picked her up at the airport and then spent the day shopping. We went down later in the day after Sharon got off work and met them. After we had supper Kimmie and Makynna returned home and Dian, Sharon, and I continued on down to Logan, Utah. Jacob's parents are retiring to Smithfield just north of Logan and their first container load of furniture and stuff was arriving. Chrissy and Jacob were coming up to help and we came too. Also it gave us an excuse to spend some time with them. It was too bad Kimmie and Scott couldn't come but business comes first and usually at the most inconvenient times. We had a good time and got to renew some family friendships that distance has made hard to keep.

This past weekend, Kimmy, Sharon, and I went to Great Falls to meet Dian and David. Dian was returning her car to Canada and giving it to me. It would cost more than the car was worth to import it to the States. We all spent Saturday together and then Kimmie drove the Jeep back. Sunday we put the other 2 on a plane home and then we drove the VW home ourselves.

Last Monday, I got a call from the ward exec. sec. to set an appointment with the Bishop. He wants to advance me to a high priest. This week I met with Pres Low and he made it official. Some time in the next week or 2 when we can arrange it, I will be presented to the ward and ordained. I just have to decide who I want to do the ordination.

Yesterday at karatedo training, Hanshi told me that on 15 May he is going to test me for my 4th degree black. Now all I need to do is relearn about a bazillion katas. Oh well with out a few little challenges life would be boring.

My family is growing up too fast. Makynna started play school this year and is thoroughly enjoying school. She is registered in kindergarten for next year and starts school in earnest. Oryn is coming into to her own and has become her own little person. She is very vocal and is not afraid to let the world know her opinions. Eliza is in Grade 2 and baptized. Daniel is in kindergarten and becoming quite the young man. Rainey is like Oryn and is letting the world know that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Michael is crawling and trying to walk.

It really has been a long time since I wrote. It is now time to re-prioritize my time and make a commitment to up date more regularily. I will try of weekly at least. Until next time.