Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And The Verdict Is.....

Well we have eliminated a few more things and seem to be coming closer to the answer. The Doc said that my chest x-ray is clear, lunges good. The ultra sound ruled out gall bladder and a couple of other things. The liver is enlarged and seems to be fatty. The tests done for kidneys shows they are working okay. The heart monitor showed that the heart is double beating about 80 times an hour.

The fatty liver has him a little concerned but he feels that if I lose 5 to 10 pounds over the next couple of months it should correct itself. The extra heart beats have him a little more concerned. He said we all do it and it increases as the body ages. They get concerned if it starts to throw about 25 to 30 extra beats an hour. I'm over 2 to 3 times that. He doesn't think it is pre-heart attack yet but is concerned enough that he has ordered a stress test. The soonest it can be done is 3 June.

So I am to lose a little weight and can start doing some walking to start getting back into exercise but not to over do it until the stress test.

So some good news, some answers, and some more questions. Looks like I'm going to be around a while longer.

Time Flies...

Its been a while since I was on. A lot has happened since then.

The trip to Salt Lake was great. Jake and I got into the Priesthood session and Di and I went to the Sunday afternoon session.

I am fully installed into the airport. It seems as though I am never there. The 2 days and 2 afternoons with 4 off are great. It was a little hard to get used to the 4:30 am start time for the day shifts but the 14:30 go home time is not to hard to take. And the almost complete lack of stress is wonderful.

This month I went for a chest x-ray and abdominal ultra sound, wore a heart monitor for a day and this afternoon I go to see the doc to go through the results. Earlier this month I finished up with the blood pressure lady and she seem pleased with the results. It seems that on the average it was going down and she didn't think I needed to be medicated. Well not for high blood pressure anyways.

We are planning for a trip to Logan the first weekend in May for Jacob's commissioning and grad. It is good to see him reaching his goals.

Di has left us for the summer. She is in Phoenix, Arizona for the next 4 months working. We miss her already. The house is too quiet and tends to stay clean longer.

Well we will let you know what the Doc say later. Till then.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Off To Mecca

Thursday night after work, Sharon and Di picked me up and we were off to Logan. We have tickets to the AM session of Conference. The older girls are going to the Session and Jacob and I are going to try and get into the Priesthood Session in the evening.

The trip was long and the day was longer. I dozed now and then on the way down and managed to get a bit of a nap in the early afternoon but that was it until I finally couldn't stay awake any longer about 10pm.

When we arrived Friday morning, Daniel came up stairs looked at Sharon and I and said "Where's Auntie Di? I thought she was coming. Oh, hi PaPa and Grama." He turned around and went down stairs until he heard Di come in and then ran back up stairs. Rainey was glad to see us all and gave us a hug and a giggle.

Eliza wanted PaPa and Grandma to pick her up after school on Friday. When the school bus pulled up, she bounded off the bus and jumped into my arms with a big hug and a squeal. Then she went over to Grama and gave her a hug. At least one of my grandchildren loves me.

I am excited about going tonight and looking forward to it. Chrissy, Di, and Sharon headed out early this morning to see if Di could get in the stand-by line early enough to get in to the Conference Center. When they got there the line was all ready several blocks long. Di decided to go to one the over flow areas. They advised that we should get there about 3:30 but not later than 4 if we are to get in tonight.

Got to get going. I am off to buy a couple of pairs of dress pants and a shirt before we go.

Talk to you later.